London to Birmingham just the first step for HS2, says Scots transport minister

Keith Brown MSP, Minister for Transport and Veterans, Scottish Government

First step for HS2

London to Birmingham is just the first step on the journey for HS2, according to Scottish transport minister Keith Brown.

Mr Brown was addressing the second day of the Glasgow high-speed rail summit. Deputy first minister Nicola Sturgeon had already unveiled plans for a high-speed link from Edinburgh-Glasgow

HS2 and Scotland

“The investment case for high-speed rail is strong, but gets stronger with Scotland.”

Mr Brown added that research revealed 67% of the overall travel market between Scotland and London would be captured by a sub-three hour journey.

“London to Birmingham is the first step. We don’t lack for drive and determination.”

Julie Mills and Jim Steer of Greengauge 21  had told the conference that it was possible to reduce journey times between Glasgow and London to 2h 40m.

Councillor Alistair Watson of Glasgow City Council said: “Glasgow is ready to step up to the mark.”

“This is the biggest civil engineering project we are ever likely to see.”

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One Response to London to Birmingham just the first step for HS2, says Scots transport minister

  1. Chris Neville-Smith says:

    Strangely, I haven’t heard a peep from either StopHS2 or HS2AA over this one. One would have thought that if they are capable of replying to GoHS2 or HS2NW blog posts eight nanoseconds later, they would have thought of something to say by now.

    Surely they don’t think they can keep quiet about this and hope no-one notices?

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