NEC Group welcomes HS2 announcement, but wants greater urgency

Paul Thandi, NEC Group chief executive wants faster progress with HS2

Paul Thandi, NEC Group chief executive wants faster progress with HS2

Paul Thandi, CEO, the NEC Group has called on the Government to review the urgency of HS2 if it is to effectively stimulate the economy when it is needed.

Following today’s announcement on the proposed route of the second phase of HS2 Thandi commented, ‘Today’s announcement on HS2 is undoubtedly good news for passengers, for business and for the general prosperity of the UK. 

‘Although the statement has given details of the planned routes north of Birmingham, it marks important progress towards putting in place the essential infrastructure necessary to effectively do business across the UK, Europe and beyond. 

‘HS2 will bring increased employment, prosperity and competitiveness, I have no doubt, but it will not help the UK instantly. 

‘Whilst it is encouraging to see this type of Keynesian ‘pump priming’ project, the country requires a financial jump-start now.  The UK needs investment in projects that will inject money into the economy, raise taxes and create jobs, and it for this reason that I am calling on the Government to challenge the urgency of its timetable for the construction of HS2, and to also put into place more immediate schemes that will provide additional stimulus to the economy to benefit today’s generation.

‘The NEC Group of companies successfully serves clients and customers from across the region, the country and further afield.  We are continuing to expand our business with important developments such as ‘Resorts World at the NEC’, a £125m partnership with Genting, but for companies like the NEC Group to continue to be a successful and an attractive proposition, we are counting on the government to play its part in creating and sustaining a positive economic environment, by putting money back into the economy effectively.
‘This is why I am calling upon the Government to do more, and to do more today, not tomorrow.’

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