HS2 Ltd reveal new plans for Euston

HS2 Ltd image of Euston station, amended plan

HS2 Ltd image of Euston station, amended plan

HS2 Ltd has revealed amended plans for Euston station in a press release issued this morning.

HS2 Ltd’s revised proposal features:

  • Potential opportunities for over-station development – with the possibility of being used for future homes, open space and businesses.
  • The capacity needed for high speed and conventional trains
  • New platforms and facilities for the high-speed trains
  • New, improved facilities for all passengers in a redeveloped, integrated station with a new, combined concourse and façade
  • Better connections with the Underground, including a new Underground ticket hall
  • A sub-surface pedestrian link between Euston and Euston Square Tube
  • East-west pedestrian routes across the station, helping to link communities on either side of the station.

HS2 Ltd Chief Executive Alison Munro said: “HS2 will be an engine for growth that supports the creation of thousands of jobs for Londoners, provides extra space on the existing lines for more commuter services, and improved connectivity with our great northern cities.

“Community concerns have been raised about the potential disruption caused by the redevelopment of Euston Station. Following more work done by our engineers to find the best way to deliver best value for taxpayers, we have identified an option that we believe delivers great opportunities for the area while minimising the potential effects on local communities in Camden and on passengers.”

HS2 Ltd’s news release can be viewed here.

The proposal HS2 Ltd has developed for Euston Station involves:

  • Retaining platforms 1-15 (of Euston’s 18 platforms) at their current level with some modifications (this includes removing platforms 9 and 10 so that adjacent platforms can be lengthened – resulting in 13 long platforms) but improving the station around them – with a new concourse
  • Building 11 new platforms for high speed trains next to the existing platforms.

The BBC reported on the news here

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One Response to HS2 Ltd reveal new plans for Euston

  1. nplima says:

    If the station is expanded with a few more platforms to its east side, it will end up merging with St Pancras 🙂

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