Yes, HS2 does stop in Birmingham!

Yes, HS2 stops in Birmingham

Yes, HS2 stops in Birmingham

On Monday (May 6) the Coventry Telegraph published a letter from MT Hancock of Wyken, Coventry, stating HS2 would not go to Birmingham and that journey times would not be reduced significantly.

Go-HS2 responded in a letter published in the Coventry Telegraph yesterday (May 9).

Dear Sir,

I write in response to MT Hancock’s letter of May 6 which incorrectly states HS2 will not go to Birmingham. The letter suggests the line will only go to Solihull and that passengers will have to change trains to reach Birmingham.

In fact, HS2 services will run from Moor Street, next to the Bullring in Birmingham city centre, with stops at Birmingham Interchange and Old Oak Common in west London before arriving at Euston.

The letter also states there will not be much of a time saving overall.

Again, this is not the case as journey times between Birmingham city centre and London will be reduced from around 1h 23m at present to a fastest time of 45 minutes.

Demand for rail continues to grow and HS2 also releases capacity on existing lines for more local, regional and freight services.

Regards etc…

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4 Responses to Yes, HS2 does stop in Birmingham!

  1. Caspar Lucas says:

    Meanwhile, in the latest issue of Professional Engineering, a letter from Coventry opines that it will be necessary to drive to the station and then travel 20 minutes in the wrong direction to Birmingham in order to catch a high speed train to London.

    I have written in to explain about the Interchange station, Centro’s proposal for a rapid transit link to Coventry and the improved post-HS2 service on the West Coast Main Line.

    • gohs2 says:

      Yes, glad you’ve written in. In addition to the above Coventry will retain 2tph to London but have improved local and regional services (to employment opportunities in Milton Keynes for example).

  2. Chris Neville-Smith says:

    Anti-HS2 activists are entitled to their opinions. This is not an opinion, it is an outright lie. I can just about understand why some idiots look at a map of HS2 and conclude that this means that there will only be HS2 services to Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds. But there is no way you could accidentally believe HS2 stops in Solihull instead of Birmingham. This is a blatant case of someone making of a scare story in the hope that the people who read the letter don’t bother checking any facts.

    Some serious questions need asking about the Coventry Telegraph’s editorial policies here. The ludicrously inflated claims of the 51m proposal is one thing, complete factual falsehoods in another. Would anyone from the Coventry Telegraph care to comment? Will I get my letter published if I fabricate any old rubbish about Coventry City Council’s position?

    • Caspar Lucas says:

      Unfortunately it’s not just the anti-HS2 activists. Another of my recent letters (I’m beginning to turn into ‘Disgusted of Stourbridge’!) which may yet be published was to Modern Railways in response to at least one pro-HS2 regular columnist’s piece which stated that the plans for Toton and Meadowhall must be changed because neither had heavy rail connections. Clearly he hadn’t looked at the plans which had been available for all to see since 28th January, nor indeed looked at a current rail map of South Yorkshire where Meadowhall is a four-platform junction station with a journey time to/from Sheffield of as little as five minutes. Similarly, Tramways & Urban Transit managed to cover these two stations without once mentioning the heavy rail links (yes, I wrote in to them as well, but it wasn’t published!).

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