Latest research reveals HS2 will deliver 50,000 jobs and £4bn growth per year to the West Midlands

HS2 will deliver 50,000 jobs to the West Midlands and growth of £4bn per year in the region’s economic output, new research has revealed.

Figures show that the benefits of connecting Birmingham with London are more than doubled when the West Midlands is also linked with the East Midlands, North West and Yorkshire via high speed rail.

The economic research details for the first time the regional benefits of the full HS2 ‘Y’ route which puts the West Midlands at the heart of a network connecting eight major cities.

Sir Albert Bore, Leader of Birmingham City Council, said: “This is about connecting our regions and providing fast, direct links delivering jobs and economic growth. This is a tremendous opportunity for our region to build the transport network we need and secure more than 50,000 jobs.”

Sir Albert is a member of the HS2 Growth Taskforce, led by former London Olympics chief Lord Deighton, which met in Birmingham for the first time today to discuss job creation, regeneration and development around high speed rail with business leaders.

Geoff Inskip, chief executive of regional transport authority Centro, said: “We’ve always said HS2 is about driving the West Midlands economy and this research proves the point.”

“We’re right at the heart of the network and our challenge is to make the most of HS2 and deliver these jobs and benefits using capacity released on our existing lines and developing new rapid transit links to our high speed stations.”

Jerry Blackett, CEO, Birmingham Chamber of Commerce said: “HS2 has the potential to transform the region economically. In the short-term, the stimulus created by its construction will be an enormous boost. In the longer-term, the region becomes a much more viable prospect for potential investment, and we could see a massive benefit from migration further north.”

“The project also tackles a potential capacity crisis in the coming decades, which, if left alone, could have a debilitating effect on the business community,” he added.

The Office of Rail Regulation reported last month that the West Midlands has seen an increase in rail passenger journeys of 14 per cent in the last year.

Coventry and Birmingham are in the top four UK cities for rail growth.

Phase One of HS2, connecting London with Birmingham, will tackle demand and congestion on the southern section of the West Coast Main Line – the busiest railway in Europe.

The supporting document can be found here – How the HS2 Y Network Will Transform the West Midlands

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9 Responses to Latest research reveals HS2 will deliver 50,000 jobs and £4bn growth per year to the West Midlands

  1. Peter Deeley says:

    Show me one iota of proof that any jobs will be created? Many will be lost by HS2 destroying businesses that is fact, but no proof that any will be new jobs not just relkcated ones.
    The Goverment and Politicians should stop fabricating figures out of thin air to back up tbeir view on HS2. Lets have the unvarnished truth for once. One final point. The public who will suffer fro. HS2 should not via the losz in value of their property or business subsidise HS2. Pay full compensation for blighted prpoerties and businesses.

    • gohs2 says:

      The jobs evidence is presented in the report and follows on from an earlier phase one report in 2010/11. However, it is the capacity issue we must address. Rail demand continues to rise and we are running out of capacity on the West Coast Main Line.

      • Peter Deeley says:

        Capacity is not restricted to the WCML which could be resolved and is being by Virgin by more 11 carriage trains but also pricing structure if the DfT and train companies at peak times creating problems. The problems are on commuter trains from other parts of the country that HS2 does not even cover. What happens to them.
        Back to proof of extra jobs. There is NO evidence, but a lot of supposition and no mention of job transfers not NEW jobs. Let us assume that you are right, that means each job has cost between £600,000 and £1,000,000. Not very good value eh?
        Give us HARD facts and get HS2 Ltd and the DfT to be honest and release the passenger traffic figures. Then and only then will we see if there is such endemic under capacity or not?phdeeley

      • gohs2 says:

        We cannot continue to add carriages and services. We have already lost local services in Warwiickshire and Staffordshire (to make way for fast Manchester services in Staff’s case). Network Rail is clear that if we do not address capacity by building a new line services will be threatened at Stone, Rugeley, Atherstone and elsewhere.

      • Chris Neville-Smith says:

        Oh, and you can find the rail crowding figures here

        I found it by, um, entering “Rail passenger crowding” into Google. You, it seems, would rather not look for them so you can complain the DfT is covering up this information.

        Oh, and before you ask, yes, Euston isn’t the only corridor with crowding problems. The difference is that most other corridors can be relieved with cheaper schemes such as Thamelink Programme and Crossail. On the Euston corridor, all the easy upgrades have already been implemented. Unless someone can come up with a clever solution no-one has thought of (51m’s scheme doesn’t solve the problem), it’s either HS2 (at least as far as phase 1), something about as expensive as HS2, or do nothing about it. The last option could result in people being forced out of jobs when commuting becomes impossible. What do you prefer?

    • Chris Neville-Smith says:

      Yeah, we get it. Everything that is said in favour of HS2 is WRONG because there is no PROOF, but there is no need to prove points against HS2 because everything said against HS2 is FACT.

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  3. Cate Cooke says:

    As a productivity expert, HS2 is not going create wider or serious economic benefits. History shows us that the dominant regions will suck from the weaker regions who wish for HS2 at their peril. By all means build better railways in the north but the WCML is 52% full !, demand has stabilized and is not in dire need of capacity.

    • gohs2 says:

      The evidence in our report says there will be significant benefits. The West Midlands benefits being at the centre of the network. The argument that London sucks all the wealth away from the regions isn’t logical or supported, otherwise there would be an argument for closing the M1, M6 and existing West Coast Main Line!
      HS2 benefits long distance journeys but it also releases capacity on existing lines for local and regional and freight services. So, Stone in Staffordshire – along with many other stations – would stand to lose services, according to Network Rail, unless the capacity problem is addressed.

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