About Go-HS2


Go-HS2 is a West Midlands coalition aiming to bring High Speed Rail to the region. Its members are Birmingham City Council, Centro, Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership (GBSLEP), Marketing Birmingham, Birmingham Airport, NEC, Birmingham Future and Birmingham Chamber.

An independent report by KPMG concluded that HS2 would bring 50,000 jobs and £4bn per year to our region.


3 Responses to About Go-HS2

  1. Graeme Mulvaney says:

    erm, if it’s such a good thing then why aren’t Solihull metropolitan borough council a member of your group? the northern terminal will be in their borough won’t it?

    • gohs2 says:

      Solihull are not against HS2. They are after assurances. This is what they said today (Tues):

      Solihull Council is on record in supporting the principle of a high speed rail network, and recognises the clear economic benefits it would bring to the West Midlands. We have, however, made this support conditional and stressed that connectivity to Europe is key and will unlock the real benefits for the region.
      The government announcement ends a period of uncertainty but we are under no illusion about the implications for some of our local communities, particularly in the north and east of the borough, and the potential environmental impact on sensitive areas of countryside. That was made clear in the council’s initial response to the proposals and we wish to work with our local communities in seeking to influence the final details and a possible variation of the designed speed to allow slight line adjustments.
      We will remain in dialogue with the government and continue to press for a robust compensation package for those adversely affected by the route and additional support for the infrastructure needed to ensure that the economic benefits are delivered for the region and Solihull in terms of employment and improved local transport.

    • Caspar Lucas says:

      For the benefit of anyone coming along (very) late to this thread, can I point out that the “northern terminal in Solihull” referred to by Graeme Mulvaney is a very odd concept that bears almost no relation to what is actually proposed for HS2?!

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